Conveyor Belt Fasteners

Choosing the proper mechanical belt fastener system is one of the most important steps in splicing a belt. Combining surprising strength and durability with affordability and easy installation, mechanical belt fasteners are a smart repair option — especially if your priority is a quality splice completed in short order.

Use the filters on the left to find the mechanical splicing system you need to splice or repair your belt.

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 Name Min Pulley DiamkN/m maxBelt Thickness Product Features

Heavy-Duty Fasteners

Flexco® SR Rivet Hinged System127 mm-1050 mm60-3503 mm-25.5 mm1. Low-profile, belt cleaner compatible
2. Quick installation, minimal downtime
3. Power installation options
4. Maximum resistance to pull-out
Flexco® Bolt Solid Plate System300 mm-1220 mm30-1235 mm-32 mm1. Sift-free splice
2. Non-magnetic and rubber covered options
3. On-site installation with portable hand and power tools
4. Low cost, long life splice
Flexco® Bolt Hinged System152 mm-230 mm33-526 mm-16 mm1. For belts with frequent belt-length alterations or smaller pulleys
2. Easy to install and re-install
3. Non-magnetic and spark-free options

Light-Duty Fasteners

Alligator® Staple System50 mm-102 mm17-351.5 mm-6.4 mm1. Strong splice
2. Abrasion resistant
3. Simple installation method and tooling
Clipper® Wire Hook System24 mm-175 mm350 mm-10 mm1. Machine applied for ease and consistency
2. Low profile
3. Inexpensive
Alligator® Lacing System25 mm-356 mm4.3-350 mm-12.7 mm1. Hammer applied
2. No installation tool required
3. Low profile
Alligator® Spiral Lace System10 mm-15 mm8.71.6 mm-6.4 mm1. Non-metallic
2. Low profile
3. Non-marking
Alligator® Rivet System88 mm
5 mm -5.8 mm1. Strong splice
2. Abrasion resistant
3. Simple installation method and tooling
4. Round hay baling applications
Alligator® V-Belt Fastener Systemn/a mmn/an/a mm1. Fast and easy installation
2. Can be made to any length
3. Strong dependable splice