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Flexco Launches Free Tooling Promotion for Mechanical Belt Fasteners

January 16, 2015

psrdFlexco is launching a new promotion in which customers receive free fastener installation tooling worth over $8,000.00 when they purchase SR™ Rivet Hinged Fasteners.


The free tooling package contains everything required to splice a belt with Flexco® SR™ Scalloped Edge™ Rivet Hinged Fasteners including the Pneumatic Single Rivet Driver with custom Hard Case, MSRT Installation Tool, two Multiple Guide Blocks, two Multiple Drive Rods, two 2kg Hammers, Lubricant and Canvas Carry Bag.


“The SR fastener range delivers performance, long life, and easy installation that maximises belt availability and productivity,” Mark Colbourn, National Sales and Marketing Manager says.


“By using the Pneumatic Single Rivet Driver and Installation Tools that come in the Free Tooling Package, speed of fastener installation is increased by up to 33%.”


The promotion is available for belt widths from 900mm to 2130mm and also includes free on-site training on correct use of the tools to ensure a uniform, long-lasting splice every time.


 “Training can be conducted on-site in a workshop or directly on the belt, in-class at local offices or training rooms, or online via Flexco University website,” Mr. Colbourn says.


Flexco University is an online learning tool where users can sign up to complete classes on Flexco products, as well as how to select the right productivity-boosting solution, and how to install and maintain it correctly. Courses cover all skill levels, and can be taken as online sessions at your own pace and convenience.


The promotion is officially launching as an Australia Day special on 26th January and will continue for three months.


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